Halibut Rates

The rate for a halibut charter is $495.00. This includes tax, all equipment, gear and bait. $100 deposit is due upon reserving the date. Groups reserving all 6 seats will have priority.

Albacore Tuna Rates

Much like our halibut fishery, we will be offering some dates so that individuals can get on an open boat, while most days we will be looking to hire the boat out to a group.

The pricing for the individual trips will be $545.00 per person (this includes tax).  We will take up to 6 anglers.

A private boat is $3270.00 Booking a private boat means there is one person paying and will be designated as the group leader. This person will be responsible for payment as well as sharing necessary information regarding the trip. Please note that booking the entire boat mean up to 6 anglers BUT if you would like to fish a smaller group you can bring less than 6 and we will not attempt to fill any slots. The private boat reservation is yours to fill as you see fit up to 6 total anglers.

Salmon Rates

Our salmon rate is $275.00 per person (INCUDES TAX). For our salmon fishery we will troll using downriggers. If our guests choose we can make this a combination trip with salmon and rock fish. Price for a combo trip is $375

New for this year is the option to purchase 4 seats for $325 each (this is for salmon trips only not a combo trip). At that price we will close the bookings for the trip and ONLY take your group of 4 people.


Please note that all of our rates include tax and everything you will need to successfully land your catch but our rate does not cover deckhand gratuity.

In order to give you the best experience possible our captain and deckhand will as hard as they can to make it a great day on the water. Their hope is that their effort and attentiveness is enough to earn them a gratuity in the customary 15-20% range of the seat rate.

If you are interested in booking please click the “Book Now” button.