Deposits and general trip information so please read carefully.

All fishing trips require a deposit of $100 per seat to hold the reservation ($600 to reserve the boat). The deposits are non-refundable within 30 days of the scheduled trip.

All trips must be paid the day before the trip or the deposit will be forfeited. Any cancelations made within 30 days of the scheduled trip will not receive a refund UNLESS we are able to re-book the seat. If the seat is not able to be re-booked, the original the purchaser will forfeit the deposit. We will do our best to refill the seat but depending on timing this will not always be possible.

We will make every attempt to proceed with our trip as planned, but weather is often a factor and for the safety of our clients and our crew there may be times that we have to make the unfortunate decision to cancel the trip. If at any time we feel we need to cancel the trip due to weather, we will attempt to re-book the trip, but, if unable to rebook, the trip will then be 100% refunded.

We do not offer discounts to clients if fishing is slow. During your trip we will do our best to put fish on the boat, but for as much success as we have had, there can always be those days where the fish do not cooperate.

Trip durations will depend on a few environmental things such as weather, tides and bar crossing times. Most trips will depart in the early morning at first light. We will return to port by 4:00 pm or earlier if the fish holds are full or angler limits have been reached. Depending on sea conditions and the distance we traveled to get to the fishing grounds please understand that we may have several hours of travel time for the return trip.

15-20% gratuity for the crew is customary and much appreciated. We will also offer fish cleaning services. All fillets will be put into fish bags and you will need to provide a cooler to transport them home. The cleaning fees will be as follows: $5.00 for halibut, $3.00 for Ling cod, $1.00 per rock fish and $5.00 for tuna (if you want your fish left whole please let us know prior to us returning to port as fish cleaning often begins as we make our way back to port).

A notice and disclaimer about offshore fishing: If you feel you do not have the physically ability to stand in a boat that is rocking side to side, are unable to lift 40lbs, or have any medical conditions that would limit you from being on a boat for a better portion of a day, we would recommend looking at different options rather than an offshore halibut or tuna charter. Off-shore fishing is physically and even mentally challenging. While the physical side of the equation is often easily understood the mental side of the equation comes into play if seasickness takes it’s effects. We suggest contacting a doctor for medication that counteracts seasickness. The the boat will NOT turn around for someone that gets seasick while on the trip. We will make every effort to make that person comfortable but the boat will continue with the charter unless it is a dire medical emergency. We also recommend limiting alcohol consumption the night before the trip as it’s no fun being hung over on a rocking boat.

What to bring on the boat: In a SMALL bag bring your lunch, a drink, warm clothes, and your fishing license and wallet. If you have reserved a tuna trip, please be aware that tuna fishing is messy and any clothes exposed to the fishing action will most likely be ruined. For all of our fishing trips we would recommend non-marking rubber boots and rain bibs. Please keep in mind the trip duration will be for the day, it’s not an overnight trip. Bring what you need and keep it minimal. Also do NOT bring any fish coolers onboard. Please leave your coolers in your vehicle. When we get back to port there will be plenty of time to head back to your vehicle to get your cooler. Our vessel has a cooler for drinks and if you need to keep your lunch cold we can find a way to do that for you.

A word about alcohol consumption. Fishing offshore is a challenge sport. Fishing while hungover makes it next to impossible. Please be aware of your alcohol consumption the night before the trip. Try to limit consumption as it will make for a better fishing experience. If you show up to the dock in the morning and you are visually impaired, you will not be stepping aboard. You will kindly be asked to leave and you will receive no refund. This is non-negotiable. As far as alcohol consumption on the boat. The captain will allow it, but within moderation. If he feels that you are overextending the idea of “moderation” you will kindly be asked to discontinue consumption. If the captain discusses your alcohol consumption understand that this is a non-negotiable one way discussion and it means you need to stop.